Aisha/Asia Huang the Chinese galamsey queen in Ghana

‘Chinese galamsey woman blackmailing ‘big men’ for protection’

The role of some Chinese nationals in illegal mining activities in the country has been well documented, but a former Ashanti Regional Minister under the Mahama administration has singled out a Chinese woman as being particularly notorious and engaging in the blackmail of some influential persons.

The former minister, Peter Anarfi-Mensah, in a caution to the Akufo-Addo administration and its escalated efforts at tackling illegal mining, noted that this Chinese woman, known as Asia Hueng, is well connected to top persons within some political parties.

During his tenure as the Regional Minister, Mr. Anarfi-Mensah said Asia Hueng hid behind these men of influence to engage in the illegal mining activities.

Indications from the region are that, Asia Huang has been engaged in illegal mining, but further reports say she is known to also have some dirt on some influential politicians who are said to be protecting her because she has evidence of their sexual escapades.

In an interview with Citi News Franklin Badu Jnr, Mr. Anarfi-Mensah recounted his “brief encounter” with Asia Hueng when he served as the Ashanti Regional Minister, and he said he observed that she was not above the allegations of blackmail making rounds.

“She is one of those people who if care is not taken, can blackmail people and that sort of thing. She is very notorious. She has been going around bragging that she knows people and that sort of thing. And that is her nature. That is her character.”

He explained that in the instance they met, “she came to my office ostensibly to plead that the [illegal mining] equipment that had been seized from her should be released back to her and that, the equipment is for some big men. She made mention of some names and that sort of thing but we didn’t buck.”

Mr. Anarfi-Mensah, however, declined to name some of these big men, but noted that “some were very powerful and some weren’t. She used to call out party members and that sort of thing. Those were the names she was dragging out.”

The former Minister also revealed that, he tried to contact some of these big men named by Asia Hueng, but “for most of the people, I used to call them and the response was negative; that they didn’t know her.”

Credit: Citi FM



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