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The Mets Accidentally Sent A Locker Room Tweet With A Sex Toy In It

The New York Mets are dealing with a pretty significant social media boner after a sex toy was spotted in the background of a photo sent out on the official team Twitter account. The Mets team account posted a photo Friday night of T.J. Rivera wearing a crown after the infielder had a big game, including his first career home run, against the Marlins. New York won the game, but the image the team used in a now-deleted Tweet featured a dildo sitting prominently in the locker of Mets backup catcher Kevin Plawecki.

Many Mets fans spotted the dildo before the team did, getting screenshots of the phallus that quickly spread across social media.

Poor Plawecki had to address the dildo when he met with the media on Saturday. What’s worse, he had no idea it was even in there when the photo was taken. The backup catcher didn’t know about it until his phone started blowing up while he was driving home from Citi Field.

“Somebody said check the internet, and it just kind of blew up from there,” the backup catcher said Saturday. “I’ve got nothing to do with it, I know that. I didn’t know about it. It’s not mine. Nothing to do with that thing.”

Plawecki said the toy was gone on Saturday, and he did not know what happened to it.

Giant dildos in the clubhouse, of course, are no laughing matter. Think of the children.


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