An ESPN Reporter Struggled Through A Live Report After Swallowing A Bug


Michael Eaves is just trying to do his job and report on the Western Conference semifinal between the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday before Game 2. Then he was viciously attacked inside AT&T Center.

By a bug.

Eaves was giving a report live on ESPN about how Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge can impact the series when he seemed to have difficulty speaking because a bug flew inside his mouth.

“I’m literally choking on a bug. Can you believe that?” Eaves asked as he tried to recover. “National television. I’m choking on a bug.”

Lisa Kerney, who was in studio at the time, told Eaves to get some water and try to recover.

“Hey waterboys, my man Michael Eaves needs some water right now,” Kerney said, trying to salvage the report.

“Who chokes on a bug inside?” Eaves asked while both laughed, though you could clearly see Eaves was wondering why fate has torn his report asunder by the whims of the universe.

Eaves seemed to take the whole incident in stride, later sharing a video of the incident in a tweet that read “So.. remember last night when I said I choked on a bug.. well, here ya go! You’re welcome.”

Kerney later retweeted it, expressing her concern for Eaves’ life.

These kind of attacks in an NBA arena are unprecedented and deserve swift punishment. We must protect our television sports reporters at all costs.


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