Lonzo Ball Has Been Accused Of Stealing The Logo On Those Expensive Big Baller Brand Shoes

Big Baller Brand

Lonzo Ball‘s logo may have been stolen. And not from the Ghostbusters. The shoes that launched a thousand haters look very familiar to sneaker heads that say the independently-produced kicks look a lot like Kobe 12s.

But one football coach says the logo on the patent leather heel was inspired by his own design. Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith says his Zone 6 logo should be very familiar to anyone willing to spend $495 on some damn sneakers.

The Zone 6 logo has become famous for Buckeyes fans, who often see their wideouts reference it and wear gear with Smith’s logo on it.

Zone 6, Smith said, was coined by sophomore receiver Dontre Wilson in the spring. It’s named for the endzone, where the receivers want to pick up six points. Spencer said Smith designed the stickers that the receivers have worn on their shoes all season and started adding to their warmups before the Michigan State game.

Clearly the logo fits on a shoe, especially if you like Zs surrounded by circles.

A few other players and coaches noticed the similarities and tweeted photos comparing the two logos.

Lavar Ball has not yet tweeted about the claims of #Robbery, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

(via For the Win)


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