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We’ll provide temporary solutions for Tema Motorway traffic – Consultant

The Project Management Consultant for the Tema Motorway Expansion, Kwabena Bimpong has revealed that there will be temporary rehabilitation works on the Tema Motorway to ease traffic.

His comment follows a heavy traffic on that stretch that lasted for close to six hours.

Some road users have expressed outrage and concern over the traffic situation saying enough alternative routes were not provided hence the chaos.

But speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show , Mr. Bimpong said his outfit will offer a temporary solution.

“There is a road from Tema West Junction through DVLA and then back to Tema Harbour. We are going to have a look at all these roads …We’ve had  it on board but it has to do with issues of funding but then this morning we have agreed to go on all of these roads and do some minimal improvement …just to ensure that there is free movement of traffic on these roads.”

Dualize Tema Motorway to ease traffic

Meanwhile the Member of Parliament for the Ningo-Prampram constituency, Sam George has made some suggestions to help tackle traffic situation on that stretch.

The MP on the Citi Breakfast Show admitted that the traffic situation was terrible on Tuesday, but was quick to add that the problem has been existent for sometime now.

Mr. George therefore emphasized the need for government to devise an integrated system that may involve the construction railway to rectify the problem.

“Government needs to look at dualizing the road. It is part of the major West African highway. We need to dualize it so that we can allow more vehicular traffic on the road and ease the travel time.

“ I believe that there is the need for us to also look at an integrated transport system that may even involve rail. Looking at the fact that this government has pledged to build an Airport free zone and that is suppose to be located in the Ningo Prampram constituency. You cannot have all of these infrastructure coming which will increase traffic flow without us looking at the real problem of how to carry human traffic.”

Engage relevant stakeholders to address traffic situation– Sam George

Sam George also said the traffic situation on the motorway can be resolved if key decision makers are consulted.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, Sam George indicated the challenge has been lingering because relevant key stakeholders have not been consulted for solutions.

“I will not like to play the ostrich here but it happens to all political parties. If you happen to be an opposition government, you are a nonentity as far as government business is concerned. And this not just about this government…It happens in all governments. I was not consulted. We don’t have a functional DCE. If we want to deepen our democracy then maybe stakeholders should be properly be engaged.”

By: Citi FM



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