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Kendrick Lamar Promises More Music Is On The Way

From the moment Kendrick Lamar officially announced his latest album DAMN. fans began wondering if there was a second album on the way as well. Whether the theory came from some harebrained Internet reasoning, or through some actual conjecture doesn’t matter, the point is fans started expecting a second album.

Of course, the rumored second Kenny album never arrived — unless you think the album backwards, in a more linear structure, is the second album — but Kendrick poured more gas on the fire recently with a quip during his autograph signing in Compton on Thursday.

“I got some more music coming,” he said while broadcasting briefly on Instagram live. The mind races at the possibilities. Maybe he’ll elaborate more in his interview with Zane Lowe when it premiers on Apple Music on Friday, or maybe he’ll keep it close to the vest for another surprise drop later. Trying to figure out TDE’s rollout schedule is a fool’s errand.

Whether that is an actually second album — as the whispers suggest — a new feature or just loose track is anybody’s guess at this point. Semantics are another TDE game not worth playing, especially after “Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get ya’ll sh*t together” from “The Heart Part 4,” didn’t actually mean a new album was arriving on April 7th.

So it’s wait and see with Kendrick yet again, but thankfully we have DAMN. to hold us over until he drops whatever it is that he’s dropping.




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