How to get autographed copy of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Damn’ album

Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DAMN. is already available for digital download, on most streaming platforms, and you can pick it up on CD, but for those who prefer to listen to music in an older school format, he’s got something for you too. K. Dot recently posted up vinyl copies of DAMN. for sale to his official website.

Even more enticing, if you act fast and lay down the $40 on the pre-order before 11:59 Eastern time on April 20, you can secure a deluxe edition package of the album on special, red vinyl, that’s been personally signed by Lamar.

The package also comes with a gray t-shirt that has the album’s name emblazoned on the front too.

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN album photo

It seems like Kendrick has been everywhere over the last month.

First came his shot across the rap industry bow, “The Heart Part 4,” where he declared himself the “greatest rapper alive,” then there was the controversy over the “Humble,” video, which was followed by the super-hyped release of DAMN. and his historic, mind-bending performance at Coachella.

If you missed out on that show, fear not, he’s hitting the stage at Indio once again this week, and I’d highly advise those without a ticket to check into the livestream on Sunday.

Pre-order your copy of DAMN on vinyl over at Kendrick’s official website.


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