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17 Things You Can Relate To If Have An Older Big Sister

Yesterday, 11th April was National Siblings Day. Did you celebrate your siblings if you have?

We Kenyans only celebrate Christmas, Easter and public holidays and by celebrating, I mean cooking mukimo and chapatis and eating then calling it a holiday…smh.

Anyway, in line with National Siblings Day, if you have an older sister, you will concur that it’s not always fun having them around. It’s a love and hate relationship.

Here are things we love and hate about having an older sister:

1. We hate when they steal our clothes…

small girl thinking meme african girl

Image: Pinterest

2. And our makeup.


Image: Giphy

3. And thank God if we don’t wear the same shoe size cause they would steal our shoes too.

4. We hate when they ask us to babysit when instead, we could be out with our friends.

5. Even though we love being aunties to our adorable nieces and nephews.



6. We hate having to teach them new stuff all the time, new lingo in town, new TV shows, new songs etc…

Image: giphy

7. They are from the Aaliyah and Keith Sweat Generation. We have to explain who or what Ariana Grande is.

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Image: AskIdeas

8. Sharing memes and funny videos on WhatsApp is one of our favorite hobbies.

Image :

9. And having lazy weekends where we do nothing but reminisce on our childhood days.

10. We love that they’re always there for us.

Photo: Paa Kwasi Photography

11. Even though sometimes they have their nose way too deep in our business especially when it comes to who we are dating…

Taraji Henson face Na So Meme

Image: Steadi_Lady/Twitter

12. We love that we can share with them problems we cannot share with or parents…

13. Like our first gynecologist visit…

Image: BlackCityGirl

14. Sometimes we fight and never talk for days, even months…

15. But we always make up eventually.

Photo Credit: GCBGhana

16. When you’re short of money, you know you can always count on your big sis for help.


17. You always have a BFF in your big sis and you cherish and love her!

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Photo: GTP Fashion/Twitter

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