10 Struggles Of Being An Only Male Child That Most Guys Can Relate

Being an only male child in a family can be quite stressful and frustrating.

Everyone depends and looks up to you irrespective of whether you’re the first born or even last born. Once you’re a male, your responsibilities go up.

Below are 10 struggles of being an only male child in a family.

1. You become the fixer of things.

Since it’s an all-female affair, you become the Mr.Fix It of the family. From light bulbs to clogged sinks, to basic electrical stuff, everyone expects you to do it.


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2. Your female siblings look up to you for everything.

As the only male child, all your female siblings look up to you. They want you to help them with stuff which sometimes includes lying for them when they go out. You have to take care of their car, sacrifice your food, take care of the house etc.

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3. Protector of your female siblings.

Whether you’re the first, middle or last born, you have to protect your siblings. If they have issues in school you have to take care of it. If they’re having bully issues, you have to take care of it. If their boyfriends are acting up, you need to take care of it. Anytime something happens to them that you’re not even aware, your parents will blame you because they expect you to have made sure it didn’t happen.


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4. All heavy things are left for you.

They are females so they are perceived to be weak. Whenever there’s something to be lifted in the house, you’re the one they turn to. It doesn’t matter if you’re even strong enough. You might have an older sibling who could easily lift it but because you’re the man, everyone leaves it for you.

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5. You can’t have your own life.

You get so engrossed in being the man for your siblings that you forget about your own life. Your parents also expect you to be there for your siblings that they also forget you also have your own life to live. Your female siblings will always be favoured ahead of you simply because they are females and you’ll always be there looking out for them.


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6. You have a hard time moving out.

If you have female siblings, you can forget about moving out of the house. Unless all of them get married and leave, it’ll be quite difficult moving out. This is simply because as stated above, from fixing things to being a sort of security for the family, you become the one that is needed at all times. If you move out, who’ll do all these things?

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7. Girlfriend-Siblings wahala.

Your siblings at a point become so used to you that they become very protective. Therefore, when you bring a lady home, they begin to fight her by showing her attitude. This is simply because they don’t want to share you with her and they feel she’ll take you away from them.

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8. Iron for everyone.

As if females can’t iron. Once you’re the only male in the family, you iron everyone’s clothes including your siblings. They all expect you to do a better job because you’re the man. SMH!

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9. Watch telenovelas.

You can’t watch any other channel whiles their favourite telenovela is on. Not even football. Unless you have your own TV in your room, you’ll have to make do with the telenovela or fight them all the time which you’ll never win because your parents will even support them.


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10. Parents always defending your siblings against you.

When your siblings offend you and you try to discipline them or you get angry, your parents will always be behind your siblings with the flimsy excuse that they are females. This opens the floodgates for more disrespect from them.

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