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Car insurance
Car insurance

5 hidden secrets for getting a cheaper insurance quote

There are many things car insurance companies will not tell you when you approach them to get their service. Some of these are real tricks you can use as costumer to get the best deal – a cheaper insurance quote.

First of all, getting a car insurance, in this instance a premium insurance is very important. Much especially when car crime in your neighborhood is extremely high, it makes such insurance a good venture.

That aside, insurance companies have studied trends and records to identify which groups of people suffer most from car crimes or car accidents and this influence the deal they offer.

It is therefore important that you also get to know their ‘weapon’ against you and now turn it against them to your advantage.

I’ll show you 5 hidden secrets for getting a cheaper car insurance quote.

  1. Get an experienced driver added to the policy

Interestingly, this point has been talked about in many different forums and it is very true. While it is illegal to claim someone else is the owner of the car, it is legal to add another driver while filling out the forms. It is best if the person being added has a clean record (ie. valid license and other required documents.)


  1. Get cheaper alternatives online

This should have been the first point. Anyway, you may have decided and settled on one company but what about getting the same package for lesser charges? You can save some cool cash if you find an alternative company and switch.

Whats more interesting is that, there are some websites that actually pay you when you switch from one company to the other through them. You can check out Topcashback.


  1. Get your job title right

Get this clear, ensure you select “unemployed” if you are a house wife or retired. Secondly, try to  avoid the temptation of narrowing down to your specific job.

For instance,  you’ll have to pay more if you are a “mathematics teacher” than what you pay for if you state that you are a “teacher”.

Same with stating “dental surgeon” to “surgeon” or “medical officer” in your car insurance application.

You can also avoid the temptation of saying you are a “chef” when you can say you are a “kitchen staff,” recent studies show this can save you a great deal of money.

Don’t forget the earlier point about assumptions made by insurance companies based on trends of people in certain professions and how that determines your charges.

For more on how your job affects your car insurance, check out GoCompare’s guide.

  1. Avoid last minute search and running around

Most of us are guilty and this can be so hard on our pocket. It is always better to have commenced the search or switching car insurance company way before the due renewal date.

You can save more than $500 if you do this.


  1. Avoid unnecessary car insurance charges

This is very tricky and can really be your great loss. You may live in a neighborhood where car crimes are high and so want to go for Breakdown cover, Windscreen cover, Theft from the car, Driving abroad, Personal accident cover, and all that but this may just not be necessary. Mind you, it is extra cost to the premium.

The trick here is that, usually, some of these extra covers you seek are already captured under the broad car insurance package.

Double check you’re not double paying and then look to see if you really need these extras.

Extra trip: Avoid spreading payment

Do make it a point to pay up front. Some insurance companies charge you interest on payments you spread. If it is within your means, pay up front and save yourself from the interest that is charged when payment is spread over a period.


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