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#LetThemSmileToo: Blogger and friends paint Anoe Basic school

Christmas holidays are season where love is felt and smiles are witnessed and this is the season, young entrepreneur and blogger, Kofi Cephas took it upon himself to paint the 6 classroom unit  block of Anoe basic school, Kojokrom, Takoradi with the help of his friends. An initiative he started two years ago in a way to give his widow’s mite  to Society.

His group known as ‘Cephas & Friends‘ painted the whole 6 classroom room block of Anoe Basic school including the interior and we share with you the pictures of the school they painted– The kids will come back to school to see their school, that has not been painted for decades looking beautiful once again.

A healthy environment promotes a healthy mind and these kids will smile seeing their school look beautiful because someone didn’t wait to earn millions before making an impact in the community he comes from and that’s a character we can all emulate from Kofi Cephas and his friends.

Speaking to Kofi Cephas, he emphasized “you don’t have to make billions of dollars before you give back to society.” He continue to say “Charity is the pure love of Christ and everyone needs to smile on this earth and that’s what motivated the painting”. Speaking to Angela Forson, who happens to be the Program’s Coordinator, she made it clear that “Cephas & Friends are interested in doing sustainable projects that will give beneficiary’s a minimum of six(6) month smiles”. She added that they are putting measures in place to make it a biannual activity.

With funds raised from their own pockets and few sales from T-shirts and their time, they’ve painted a school and it’s something we are they need to be applauded for. See photos of the painted school below: