PHOTO: See how ‘wee’ has made former Big Brother star to look like

Drug use and abuse has brought down many a shining star. One of whom is reality show star Nando who was representing Tanzania in the Big Brother Africa – The Chase.

Nando was a housemate on the TV reality show, who had a very promising career ahead of him.


Now, he is just a junkie who cannot take care of himself. All he aspires for is the next fix.

Photos of the deteriorated star have hit the web. This comes at a time when family and friends had believed Nando’s claims of not ever going back to drugs ever again.

The TV heartthrob is now a former shadow of himself. He was thrown out of the Big Brother House after he threatened to stab the Ghanaian contestant during a heated verbal exchange.

Fellow Tanzanian reality TV contestant Feza Kessy, who also interacted with him in the past, told a section of the Tanzanian press that Nando’s mental capabilities may have been affected by the consistent use of drugs.

“I believe Nando has issue and he needs to be helped,” Feza told Times FM, “I don’t know why, but i believe strongly that Nando has a big problem and he needs to be helped. He is not the same Nando that we all loves and knew. I appeal to those who can to look for him, reach out to him and help him out.”