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Nacee release gospel version of ‘Onaapo’ song

Music producer, Nacee has released a gospel rendition of the popular ‘onaapo’ song, some industry players have told

‘Onaapo’ which become an Election 2016 sensation has become by far the most popular political campaign song produced in the country’s recent history.

Originally composed for the outgoing National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, the song has become a favourite for even members of the opposition and incoming New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In spite of the huge success of the song in terms of captivating audiences, all does not seem well between the producer of the song and the artiste who actually sang it.

The artiste, Dee Aja, has been accused by the producer, Nacee, who is a famed producer and artiste himself, of sidestepping him and claiming performance deals without his consent.

Nacee in previous interviews said he was contracted by the NDC to produce the song which he did but only got Dee Aja to record it as a way of promoting him [Dee Aja].

He said Dee Aja is an underground artiste and the gesture was only to get him [Dee Aja] into the limelight.

According to Nacee, following the success of the song, Dee Aja appears to have completely detached himself from him [Nacee] and claiming performance deals without his consent.

This fracas believes may be the reason for Nacee’s decision to record another version, this time, gospel, of the song.

Some churches have been heard singing the song in Church.

Watch it below:

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