Science and Maths Teachers yet to receive salary since September

A group of Science and Maths teachers have released a press statement lamenting on the slow pace by which their official documents, which would allow them earn salaries, are being processed.

According to the group, about 2,400 of them were recruited by the Ghana Education Service in September 2016 to serve as Science and Maths teachers in various schools across the country.

Out of the number, only about 10% of them have received their staff Identity (ID) cards, without which government workers cannot receive salaries.

The group has also alleged that some personnel at the Integrated Personnel Payroll Database (IPPD), who are responsible for giving out their staff ID’s, are demanding money before the teachers can receive what is duly theirs.

Some regional and district HRs and IPPD coordinators are also allegedly demanding payments from a few whose IDs are ready to pay a stipulated amount before they release the ID’s to them.” – the statement said

The group is therefore calling on various teacher unions to put pressure on the authorities responsible in addressing their need as the issue has brought unbearable hardship on them.

Below is the press release by the recruited graduate teachers




Over 2400 teachers were recruited into the GES with appointment dating back to 1st September 2016.

About four months down the academic calendar, not much can be said in relation to processes leading to the processing of our document, staff ID’s, biometric registration and salaries.

A few have received their staff IDs and a few have also done their biometric registration but about 90% of us have been left in the dark oblivious of the way forward.

Some regional and district HRs and IPPD coordinators are also allegedly demanding payments from a few whose IDs are ready to pay a stipulated amount before they release the ID’s to them.

How can this be, since most of us have not had anything substantial since September?

We live at the mercies of family and friends for survival. Some of us were posted to very deprived areas, we tried to raise transportation fares to our various places of posting.

We on vacation now and most of us are still at our various places of posting not knowing how to come home.

As it stands now and if we are not able to receive our salaries any time soon before school resumes on the first week of January, 2017, most teachers will not be able to report back when school reopens.

This is because most of us will not have fares to travel to our various places of postings and pocket monies to keep us until our salaries are paid.

For these and many more frustrations we are going through, we call on GES and the various teacher unions (GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT) and all stake holders to heed to our plight and put pressure on the authorities that have the oversight responsibilities of ensuring that we are paid to expedite the exercise.

The 2400 teachers chose one each of the above teacher unions, which invariably makes us members or will make us members. We are of the view that your VOICE will cause a change in our plight.

SO PLEASE SPEAK FOR US for our situation is unbearable . thank you.


Prince 0501079102

Ali 0263593237

Rash 0543900863

Jane 0264050692



Ghana National Association of Teachers

National Association of Graduate Teachers

Coalition of Concerned Teachers


Jeffrey Nyabor||233livenews


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