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Nothing wrong with “sleeping at work” – Websoft CEO

Unlike in most professional working environments where sleeping is highly detested during working hours, founder and Chief Executive of Websoft Solutions LLC, Mr. Godwin Martey, has revealed that he permits his staff to take a nap during working hours.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Martey said that one does not need to stay awake all day in order to be productive.

Explaining further, he said that since his workers could break down at anytime due to stress, he permits them to take a nap, which is “a natural healing provision” for them to revive.

“Human beings could break down at any time of the day due to stress or any other factors, and will need a natural healing provision (nap) to revive.” – He posted.

Mr. Martey was sharing with his Facebook fans some unknown truths about his business.

Below is the full post


Yes, you can call it a nap and you will be right. In order words, you are allowed to just go and nap for an hour or so, if in case you feel tired, fatigued, or your head is simply blocked and you just can’t think far at that moment.
We have a very weird philosophy and believe that, productivity isn’t just about staying awake all day, a human being, could break down at any time of the day due to stress or any other factors, and will need a natural healing provision (nap) to revive.

It is not difficult for us to spend cash and other resources to sponsor programmes and causes that we believe will further improve our society and teach us virtues outside what we traditionally will get from church. One of those causes is Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Roverman Production, we are passionate to the cause because we believe what they are doing is beyond business, it is gospel, it is making the world a better place by teaching us timeless principles.

Another cause we love to sponsor is MTN Ghana Stands in Worship, because we believe in God, we are a spiritually-minded organisation, and when it is time for us all to step out and worship God, we are willing to join.

We have several other headline-making programmes we sponsor, but these are just but a few of them.

In 2017, we shall do more, and we will continue to improve as a company to make both our workers and our clients have a more fulfilling life.

Thanks for being with us all through 2016. We are grateful and wish you a fantastic 2017.

Godwin Martey,
Websoft Solutions LLC.



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