Police arrest couple for having sex with dog

A pair of Pennsylvania newlyweds allegedly took their honeymoon hijinks to a twisted new level when they videotaped the blushing bride having sex with a dog.

Rachael Harris, 19, and Corey Harris, 24, were arrested after his sister discovered a camera containing shocking videos of the bride “performing sexual acts with a dog”, the Smoking Gun reports.

Citing court records, the website reports that cops downloaded four videos showing Rachael Harris mounting the canine “attempting manipulation of the dog’s penis into her vagina.”

Her husband was allegedly recording the sickening action. She is also seen “attempting to allow the dog to perform oral sex on her vagina” and “masturbating the dog with her hand in a rapid motion back and forth.”

Shocked, Corey Harris’ sister Sheila took the camera to the SPCA who called the cops. She identified the pair in the videos.

The duo were charged Tuesday with multiple counts of animal cruelty and obscenity. Rachael Harris also faces additional counts related to her reported sexual activity with the canine.

The pair were married earlier this year and are due in court Jan. 11.

Cops believe the videos were recorded in late-September at the twosome’s residence in Curwensville.



Credit: Cnews.canoe