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Tanker drivers kick against ‘door-to-door’ LPG delivery

The Ghana National Petroleum Drivers Union has told Citi Business News it will resist any attempt by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to ban domestic gas users from filling their cylinders at the pumps.

According to the union, the move by the NPA to ban Ghanaians from filling their Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders is not well thought out since it will render many Ghanaians jobless.

The union further argued that members in the industry have not being adequately engaged on how the the regulation will be implemented by the NPA.

Speaking to Citi Business News, the Chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Drivers Union Mr. George Nyaunu alleged that the new regulation is aimed at enriching some few partners of the authority.

Mr. Nyaunu accused the NPA of trying to take jobs from Ghanaians through the new regulation as the door-to-door delivery system is introduced by the authority.

“The measures being proposed by the NPA will involve awarding a contract to somebody and taking the job from the Ghanaian but we are also Ghanaians. They have workers at their various filling stations so it’s like they are taking the contract from them and giving it to a particular person,” he alleged.

He was of the view that government can rather start a pragmatic measure by extending gas pipeline to all households with meters like it is done in developed countries.

“If it must be done then it must be done well. If you travel to European countries, you see that the government provides gas to them in their house and they pay. Instead of doing this house to house, we can plan something like this.”

Meanwhile checks by Citi Business News revealed that the NPA and the Ministry of Petroleum engaged major stakeholders in the industry since 2013 to enhance safety in the industry. All efforts made by Citi Business News to reach the NPA so far have proved futile.




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