Alfred Woyome

Ghana will pay me more money after my case – Woyome

Ghana could pay embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome huge sums of money when the controversial GHc51 million judgment debt case ends.

At least that is the prediction by Mr. Woyome, who has accused Ghanaians of destroying most of his businesses over the judgment debt case.

“I work here and I employ people, you’ve destroyed much of my work, the businesses and everything.

Look Ghanaians, let me tell you for a fact; before this case ends, I am envisaging that Ghana is going to pay a lot of money to me,” he said at a press conference on Friday.

Mr. Woyome has so far held two press conferences after the Supreme Court ordered him to appear before it to be orally examined by anti-corruption campaigner, Martin Amidu, who was once an Attorney General in the NDC administration.

Mr. Amidu prayed the Supreme Court to allow him examine Woyome after the Attorney General discontinued processes to demand the payment of the GHc51 million from the businessman. Background Alfred Woyome was paid ¢51 million after he claimed that he helped Ghana to raise funds to construct stadia for purposes of hosting the CAN 2008 Nations Cup.

However an Auditor General’s report released in 2010, said the amount was paid illegally him and subsequently a Supreme Court in 2014 ordered Mr. Woyome to pay back the money after Mr. Martin Amidu challenged the legality of the payments in court. Meanwhile some efforts by the Attorney General to retrieve the GHc51 million including selling his property to defray the debt has proved futile.

I will pay the money Mr. Woyome, while addressing a news conference on Friday after a similar one on Thursday in which he accused the Supreme Court of persecuting him, promised to pay the money adding that “ I will respect the Supreme Court; but I disagree with the ruling.”




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