ECG blames cable faults for power cuts at AICC

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has clarified that the cut in power supply to the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) on Wednesday, is not an indication of load shedding by the company.

ECG has rather attributed the development to a cable fault at the Independence Square which affected power transmission to distribution areas including the AICC.

“There are a lot of rumours in the media suggesting that we are sabotaging the system and government in a bid to frustrate the ECG concessionary agreement. We are not doing any of that; it is a system that we are running and anything can happen at any point in time,” the Operations Manager for Sub-transmission at the ECG, Francis Kofi Atsyaatsya explained to Citi Business News.

A program to launch the 3rd edition of the manual on election adjudication on Wednesday (November 16), was interrupted following a cut in power supply to the facility.

Some had anticipated that the development is an indication of a load shedding exercise by the power distributor.

But Mr. Atsyaatsya dismissed any of such assertions.

“There is nothing like ‘dumsor’ or load shedding by the ECG; we anticipate such things to happen and when they do, we work to get the issues addressed.”

He further explained that the development largely occurred following the inability of the managers at the facility to notify the ECG ahead of the program as has been the normal practice.

According to Kofi an earlier notice to his outfit could have prompted the provision of an alternative power source which would have limited the impact of power cut.

Meanwhile when Citi Business News visited the site on Friday, work was ongoing to fix damaged cables.

The Operations Manager also assured that work will be completed within three hours time and by close of work on Friday.

The power cuts also affected surrounding distribution areas like the Accra Sports Stadium, NDK Financial Services and MDPI close to the Independence Square.




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