The right time to have sex after giving birth

Couples always struggle with this question in their minds, how long should we wait after giving birth to have sex?

There are many opinions on this issue both from experts, doctors, and individuals giving their own experience.

Partners to new mothers are always eager to resume sexual activities but struggle with the knowledge on when to start.

According to Baby Centre, there is no standard period of time that a woman should take before having sex, the timing depends on individuals.

It is advisable to wait until the bleeding has stopped which normally takes about three weeks or more depending on individuals.

If you engage in sexual intercourse before bleeding stops then you run the risk of getting an infection since the wound in your uterus is yet to heal.

Many couples wait till the baby is six weeks old before getting physically intimate.

Women who have had no complications during delivery usually resume intercourse way faster compared to those who experienced complicated deliveries.

Those who had a tear or episiotomies while delivering wait a little bit longer, same goes for those who had a caeserian section.

In such cases, any discomfort experienced while engaging in sex should be a sign to hold on. Consult your doctor for further guidance.

Aside from the physical form, a woman also needs to be ready for sex mentally.

With a new born baby, post delivery pressures and transitioning changes can sometimes be too much to handle. Therefore do it at your own pace, don’t be pressured until your emotions are ready for it.

If time doesn’t change then probably seek help from therapist or obstetrician to help you ease into it.

Resuming sex can be fun and games until one realises they are pregnant again! Yes, it happens.

Before getting back your grove on, it is advisable to get on contraceptive, your choice as advised by your doctor. Anything to prevent unplanned pregnancies just months after delivery.

There are different contraception for breastfeeding mothers, consult for more details.

The most important thing is that do it when you are ready. Don’t wait for weeks, months or ages, when you feel you ar ready go for it. Its different to everyone, there is no text book defining a timeline.

Let your body guide you.

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