Juan Pedro

VIDEO: World’s heaviest living man has been in bed for 6 years!

Juan Pedro, reportedly the world’s heaviest living man, has left his bed for the first time in 6 years in order to seek treatment.

He is currently on a weight loss treatment in a Mexican hospital.

He weights about 500kg.

The 32-year-old Mexican whose weight has soared to more than 78st (1,102lbs) after spending six years confined to his bed is to start what he hopes will be life-saving treatment at a hospital which specialises in surgical solutions to obesity.

Juan Pedro, who is billed in Mexico as the world’s fattest man, said that until this week he has been living at home with his mother with no medical care and insufficient resources to buy the right kind of food and medicines to keep his weight down.

“I never knew what was happening to me,” Mr Pedro, from Aguascalientes, said in a press statement.

“My body just followed its own path without any control whatsoever. I tried to diet day after day, but nothing worked and I became desperate. Finally, my body suffered a bad reaction and I was in a coma for a while, waking up in bed from where I haven’t moved since.”

Doctors say that Juan Pedro has type 2 diabetes, thyroid problems, hypertension and liquid in his lungs.

“His hypothyroidism has done terrible damage to his organism, slowing processes down and causing his body to store rather than burn off what he ingests,” explained Dr José Castañeda, the director the Gastric Bypass Mexico hospital in Guadalajara.


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