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Kwame Dzokoto, Koo Fori, others eulogize Katawere

News of the passing of veteran actor Ebenezer Donkor popularly known as Katawere hit Ghanaians last Monday and many are yet to come to terms with his death.

Showbiz spoke to a few of his colleagues who are besides themselves with shock at his sudden death.

Actress Gloria Osei Sarfo told this reporter that she is very sad at the news of Katawere’s passing on, “I’m so sad he is no more, the radio stations kept calling me on Monday when the news came out that Katawere had died, I still couldn’t believe it but I guess we all have to come to terms that he is no more,” she said.

According to Gloria, Katawere was not feeling too well but she least expected that he would leave so soon, “I remember when we went for his birthday two years ago, we all jumped for joy when he came out. Hearing the news was a big blow, we have lost a great person in the movie industry because he was a father to all,” she said.

On her part, Mercy Little Smith, said it is sad that Katawere had to leave so soon, “We all know he was old and was battling with little illnesses and was even admitted a couple of times, he was a father to all and always had pieces of advice for us.

He would always tells us how he got into the industry, infact, he was a very nice person to be with,” she said.

Apart from Efiewura, Little also starred alongside Katawere in Efisem, a series on Adom TV in which he played her landlord.

For Kwame Dzokoto, the industry has lost an icon in the person of Katawere, “I was in Tarkwa doing my campaign when Kofi Andoh (producer of Efiewura) called to inform me, he has been battling with sickness for a long time and we were hoping he will overcome it. The Creator knows best so we live it to Him.”

“He was fun to be with and we used to tease each other a lot on set, we will really miss him,” he said.

This is what Seth Karikari (Koo Fori) said when Showbiz contacted him, “It’s rather unfortunate we’ve lost a great actor like Katawere. I couldn’t believe it because it was just last week I was on set with him and he didn’t look sick, we were all having fun. I sympathise with the family especially his wife and children. It is the Lord who gives and takes, we will miss him.”

Prince Kyei Donkor is the only son of Katawere’s six children and he confirmed his father’s death to Showbiz, “ he was not feeling too well, it was usually body pains that come with old age and we finally lost him on Monday.

Prince said Katawere was 78 years and would have celebrated his 79th birthday on December 16.

He said the one week celebration will come off on November 25 in Accra.




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