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Airtel’s Evolve with STEM Clubs hold exhibitions

Pupils from the Mataheko Roman Catholic JHS, who are part of Airtel Ghana’s STEM clubs held an exhibition within their school premises to showcase various experiments in chemistry, physics and biology using every day materials.

Every Friday these young pupils gather to study and to engage in hands-on and practical experiments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics using simple everyday materials guided by their teachers and the Ghana Education Service syllabus.

This is the concept behind the STEM Clubs launched by Airtel Ghana in these schools to give young minds the opportunity to learn by doing.

Using items such as liquid soaps, vinegar, baking soda, milk, dry cells and paper clips, the STEM club members are introduced gradually to basic scientific concepts that help them understand, in practice, what they learn in theory during instructional hours. The bunch were split into groups who brainstormed, planned and demonstrated experiments that explained principles of neutralization (the reaction of acid and base), magnetism (a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge) and magnetization (process of making a substance temporarily or permanently magnetic), electrification (powering by electricity), emulsification (breakdown of fat globules).

The pupils also brilliantly explained the process and the end results and how some of these processes take place in everyday life.

Commenting on exhibitions, CEO of Airtel Ghana said “I am highly impressed by the dexterity and creativity of our young STEM club members. Their understanding and applications of the concepts they’ve studied in class is phenomenal. Often, we come to share and inspire them but today it was the complete opposite. I am deeply encouraged by the effort they all put in and the results we are already seeing less than 6 months into the launch of these STEM clubs.

Seeing these children, who are the future engineers, scientists, academics and mathematicians who will drive the transformation of our country and continent, blossom through our STEM clubs is deeply gratifying. This is exactly why we set up these clubs in the first place – to provide a platform where they can learn, experiment and discover themselves. At Airtel, we believe in the power of potential and through initiatives such as this, we provide the platform for young people to unleash and fully realise their potential”.

Through the award winning Evolve with STEM initiative, Airtel Ghana has established 4 clubs in different school clusters in Accra. The initiative is aimed at inspiring belief, empowering young people and demystifying the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Airtel Ghana’s CSR programme has received several coveted awards across the world including recently being adjudged the Best CSR initiative at the Global Carrier Awards 2016.


Source: Airtel Ghana


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