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Pogba dab

Teacher uses Pogba’s trademark ‘dab’ to teach Pythagoras’ theorem [Photos]

Paul Pogba’s trademark ‘dab’ celebration has been turned into a maths question by a resourceful teacher in France and the Manchester United star is pretty happy about it.

The Frenchman tweeted: ‘The dab is useful, am I approved? #maths’, after seeing the celebration, originally co-opted by NFL stars and later popularised in football by Pogba, turned into a question on Pythagoras’ theorem.

Paul Pogba's 'dab' celebration has been turned into a maths question by a resourceful teacher

The question asks: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of Paul Pogba’s dab , then tries to demonstrate that it is not perfect. According to the book – The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Dab – a perfect dab is only if the triangles represented in the figure below are rectangles. Is Paul Pogba’s dab perfect?’

It asks if the celebration is 'perfect' by 'The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Dab'

The question is accompanied by a graphic featuring Pogba in his well-known pose with two triangles marked out over the top.

The first triangle is created from his hip, to his shoulder, to his outstretched arm. The second runs from his ear to his shoulder to his elbow.

The Frenchman tweeted with his seal of approval: 'The dab is useful, am I approved? #maths'

Pogba is yet to answer the tongue-in-cheek question, despite the apparent teacher in question spotting the United midfielder’s re-tweet and asking the player to solve the problem.

United fans have only had limited opportunities to assess whether Pogba’s dab is ‘perfect’. The midfielder has found the net four times since his blockbuster move back to Old Trafford.

Although after the Frenchman’s goal against Leicester he and former academy team-mate Jesse Lingad performed a double dab together.

With or without the ‘dab’, Michael Carrick has no doubt his famous midfield ally will prove a worthwhile purchase for United, describing Pogba as ‘very special’.

‘There’s a lot made of Paul,’ Carrick told Sky Sports. ‘I suppose because of the fee and the headlines he grabs.

‘I mean the attributes he has are incredible. We all saw the goal against Swansea. Physically, he is pretty much perfect. He’s such a specimen and he can cover ground. The ability he’s got is something very special.

‘He’s going to be such a great player. He’s already such a top player and I’m sure he’s going to improve.’


Source: Daily Mail


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