How To Prepare Your Car For a Long Distance Trip

car5Taking long trips towards the outskirts of town or actually getting out of town could be a great experience, particularly when driving your own car.  This is so because in as much as you may enjoy the trip, your car also gets to run its own test of distance. Truthfully, long trips are actually easier on the car than the day-to-day driving whiles in the same vein; even a small problem such as an unbalanced tire or shortage of engine oil can cause great discomfort since a breakdown far away from home can be a massive kill joy. It is always clever and astute to stay well prepared when planning to take a long trip away from home with your car so as to stave off many common problems associated with long distant journeys.

Carmudi, your number one online auto portal brings you some guidelines to follow to have a hustle-free and enjoyable journey on a long distant trip.

Check for fuel, oil and radiator coolant.

It is extremely relevant to check all fluids under the hood in preparation for the trip. Check each slot to ensure all fluids are in sufficient quantity and also be sure to have an extra pack of all fluids just to support shortage of any along the way. Also ensure all leaks are well sealed if there are any to avoid loss.

Check on the battery terminals.

Corroded and loose terminals may cause unfamiliar difficulties.  Do well to certify that all terminals are well tightened and fortified for the long trip ahead.  Visually examine the condition of the battery to rectify any cracks or other damages and acid leaks more precisely. Faulty batteries are best when replaced. It is quite difficult to figure out when the battery will fail you but fortunately quite easy to determine when it might do so. When you hear a schlepping response from the battery when starting your car, that implies that the battery is probably close to its death. Batteries are usually built to last for not more than 6 years so therefore when its usage exceeds 4 years, then you should consider having it tested before the trip or better still replacing it to avoid a knock down.

Check the air filter

If your air filter has not been changed in a while, it might be a good time to have it done when preparing for the long trip. A dirty air filter causes lack of power. Having it checked, cleaned or changed might contribute to having a good and safe journey during your drive.

Put your tires in good condition

Make sure your tires are in good shape and well inflated to the proper pressure.

This could be done by reading through the owner’s manual or better still, get a tire doctor to assist you. Long trips demand high speed since you will be travelling over high ways and this doesn’t require a low pressured tire. To avoid extra heat building up and eventually blowing out the tires, make sure to properly inflate all tires to the appropriate required pressure. Examine tires to see if they are worn out or not so as to promise a safe journey both in and out. Always make it a point to secure a spare tire throughout your trip just to be prepared for the worst. Keep this too fully inflated as well as all the tools needed to change a broken tire.

Clean your car

When preparing for a long trip, clean out your car to wipe out all unnecessary loads in order to reduce unplanned weight.  Load evenly and carefully. It’s not advisable to be going on a long trip with an unbalanced weight car. Arrange objects or loads according to their weight. Precisely, position heavy weight objects forward in the trunk whiles the less weight loads can be evenly distributed on the sides. The more stuff you haul, the more fuel you burn and vice versa so try not to overload. Only pack all you need and have a stress free trip.

Finally, fill the gas tank.

The amount of fuel might not last till the final destination dependent on the stretch but ensure your tank is filled before you hit the road. Also have an extra gallon of fuel in your trunk since fuel is more expensive on the road especially when one is out of town. This could support you in periods of fuel shortage.

Whiles on the trip, keep calm.

“Unexpected things can happen, but if you’ve paid attention to these guidelines and have taken heed, you’ve undeniably headed off a lot of unforeseen circumstances coming your way.  All you need to do now is to sit back and have a safe tip”-Kobina Amoo, MD, Carmudi Ghana.

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