ParisAttacks: People Queuing To Give Blood After Deadly Terror Attacks

Paris Attack bloodPeople are queuing in the streets to give blood in Paris on Saturday after multiple deadly attacks on Friday evening killed at least 127 people — the worst on France since World War II.

Attackers targeted multiple venues, including bars, the Stade de France, and the Bataclan Theater, where a hostage situation saw more than 100 killed. Eight attackers have died — seven after killing themselves using explosive vests, according to Reuters — and the authorities are now searching for accomplices.

There are believed to be another 200 injured, 99 reportedly critically.

Multiple people posting on Twitter today are reporting seeing queues of Parisians lining up to give blood to help those injured in the attacks.

Robert Nisbet, a senior correspondent for Sky News, took this photo near one of the areas targeted:


On Friday night, while the attacks were still ongoing, Parisians used the hashtag #PorteOuverte to offer shelter to those in need. “Porte ouverte” is French for “open door.”

Paris taxi drivers also turned off their meters and offered people free rides to safety on Friday.

Credit: Business Insider

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