University of Ghana Investigates 15 Fake UG Certificate Holders

Professor Ernest AryeeteyVice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Ernest Aryeetey has expressed worry over the increasing spate of students using dishonest means to acquire academic degrees.

According to him, most universities in the country suffer setbacks as a results of student’s continuous engagement in fraud, examination malpractices and plagiarism.

He said, “There are far too many Ghanaians who claim to have certificates that they don’t have..there are far too many Ghanaians who have titles they have not worked for, There are far too many Ghanaians who use fake ways and practices to acquire their position”

Speaking at the 70th graduation ceremony of the Trinity Theological Seminary over the weekend, Professor Aryeetey said many Ghanaians in the public sector hold certificates that were illegitimately acquired.

Professor Aryeetey noted that, “It is important that students leave Seminaries, Polytechnics and Universities knowing that cheating their way into the public space can only [lead] to their bad fate.”

The Vice Chancellor further revealed that the University of Ghana was currently investigating certificates of about fifteen people working in the public sector.

He has therefore, urged universities across the country to jealously protect their reputation by stemming out all forms of cheating from their institutions.



By: Jonas Nyabor/233livenews

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