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Driver Lies To His Family for 15 Years He Was a War Hero

DriverA doting wife went to her grave believing her ‘veteran’ husband was a British war hero – only for her children to later discover he was nothing more than a fantasist lorry driver.

Mark Izzard lied to partner Tracey for 15 years that he’d fought for his country in Iraq and had his knee obliterated in battle.

To perpetuate the lie he posed for ‘official’ photographs in a fancy dress beret while gripping a BB gun – and even sent himself letters through the post confirming his discharge from the SAS, which he asked his wife to open, as he manufactured an entirely fictional past for almost two decades.

She fell for every word he said, and died of cancer three years ago content she’d spent the best years of her life married to a decorated military hero.

But it was all a lie. The most gruelling battles her ‘ex-soldier’ husband had ever fought in were on Britain’s roads while working as a delivery driver.

Izzard’s stepson Danny, 22, told The Sun: ‘He said to me he was in the first Gulf War. He said he had been taken out into the back of a forest and chucked out and broke his legs.

‘I felt sorry for Mum. Their whole relationship was a lie.’

The 44-year-old currently drives for Jewson tool hire and has absolutely no military background.

Credit: Daily Mail


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