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Unbelievable: See What This Man Does To Make $1,000 Each Weekly!!

MoneyRobert Samuel makes up to $1,000 each week as a professional ‘stander’. His job is to stand in queues for people.

Uberfacts reports that Samuel stands or sits in line for hours, and makes up to $1,000, in the United States of America.

Samuel said he charges $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half-hour.

NY Times reports that the professional stander takes PayPal, Chase QuickPay and Venmo, in return for his services.

Proffessional stander

In September, 2014, he waited in line for 38 hours at the Apple Store in the meatpacking district for the iPhone 6.

Samuel dropped out of Pace University in 1996 with about a year and a half left before getting his undergraduate degree. He refers to it as his “reverse sabbatical.”

For the professional line-stander, business is cyclical, so he continues to work full time as a security guard for a financial services company.

Often times odd jobs are looked down upon, but a story like Samuel’s affirms that some of these neglected jobs can be very lucrative.


Credit: New York Times

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