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Nigeria Bans Offensive Homosexuality Program

MultiChoiceOn Monday, October 26, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), has directed MultiChoice not to air a particular homosexual programme titled “I am Jazz”, which has just been introduced by the cable network.

In a statement released by the director of public affairs of the NBC, Mr. Awwalu Salihu stated that the programme is a mini-series about a transgender child and is capable of corrupting the youths as it is also at variance with Nigerian law which prohibits homosexuality.

He said “the attentions of the NBC has been drawn to the concern raised by some members of the public about some alleged plans by the TLC Channel on DSTV to begin airing a programme, I am Jazz, which is about a transgender child. The commission has drawn the attention of the service provider to this concern and has received firm assurances that it will investigate and if it concerns that the programme is indeed promoting undesirable ideas that will offend the Nigerian public.”

Due to the complaint of the programme, MultiChoice has immediately complied with the directive of the NBC not to air the controversial mini-series on DSTV.

A representative of DSTV in Abuja disclosed that they are aware of the new development adding that their interests will always be considered.

“We take comfort in knowing that our decoders are encrypted with the parental control feature that empowers parents with ultimate control over what their children view. We also encourage parents to make use of this feature as much as possible to ensure that their children only watch what their parents deem appropriate.” They said.

However, parents have also disclosed their disgust on this development by making their voice heard via the social media platforms.



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