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REVEALED: Armed Forces SHS Defrauded By Students

afshtsThe accounts department of Armed Forces Senior High Technical School, Burma Camp, have unraveled a serious fraudulent activity undertaken by scores of its students against the school.

According the department, since tuition fees were to be paid through the school’s bank account, some students both past and present fraudulently underpaid the amount.

According to intelligence gathered, the school’s management realized the age-long practice after consistently recording below average balance and nearing bankruptcy.

Information available to 233livenews indicates that more than two year-groups had outsmarted the school management in the act as they have cleared themselves from the school.

Authorities have began serious monitoring of its account after it realized many students of the 2011/2012 year-group [who are in their final year now] had been grossly involved in the illegal practice.

Even though some students have denied the allegations, drafts from the school’s bank seem to indict them.

One of the indicted student revealed;

For instance, if we are to pay fifty cedis [GHC 50.00], we would pay five cedis [GHC5.00] to the bank and when they stamp the sheet, we add a zero to it when we get out of the bank. Therefore, to the bank, we have paid five cedis but to the school it is fifty cedis.”

The school’s management has given the students an ultimatum to pay their arrears or be handed over to the police.



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