How to Maintain Car Tires

Car tireKeeping them in check so they keep you on the road

Owning a car is one thing, maintaining the car you own is another. Many people tend to get frightened about the maintenance of a car so much that, it influences their tastes and preferences. They then find themselves resorting to the kind they never thought of owning just to beat down cost. Whichever way you look at it, there is a cost to bear once you classify yourself as a car owner.


Car tires are metaphorically the legs of the whole automobile. The vehicle is bound to move smoothly if the tires in question are in good shape and vice versa so their maintenance is very key and it is advised that it is to be done at least once a week. Carmudi, leading online car classifieds in Ghana, has compiled 5 top tire-maintenance tips to keep your car running longer:


  • Checking the air pressure on all four

The air pressures in tires reduces gradually as and when the car is in motion, so it is highly advisable to check tire pressures more than once a week. Deflated tires could develop cuts from the rims within, which comes at an extra cost.


  • Checking its alignment.

This is done by trying to drive in a straight line while your hands are off the steering wheel for five seconds. If the car begins to drift away from the straight course, they need to be assessed by a professional.

  • Owning a tire depth gauge.

A tire depth gauge is a small calibrated tool used to measure the height or amount of tread left on the tires. All auto parts dealers ought to have this tool therefore making it readily available to maintenance conscious car owners. This comes in the design of a penknife but rather with a pin instead of a blade. To check on the tire, pull out the pin and make sure it is fully out. Then after, slip the pin into the tread of the tire and press down until the gauge meets the tires. This pushes up the pin to a particular level on the calibrated instrument, tire depth gauge, indicating the depth of your tire on the gauge. If this level is below 3/32nds, get to a professional for replacement. Practice this same method on the remaining three tires to know how fresh or worn out your tires are to enable you act accordingly.

  • Withholding your balance

To give your car tires a longer life span. You will be able to detect whether your wheels are out of balance or not only when one area is heavier or lighter than the rest. Maintaining car tire balance helps prevent untimely wearing out of tires and checks vibration too. The bearings of your car, the suspension and the steering system are also dependent on the level of balance on which your tires operate. Great balances protect you against all three and also do well to ensure that you have your wheels balanced when you purchase new tires, when your tires are replaced or when a balance weight is moved or removed. Unbalanced wheels leads to continuous vibration, rapid and uneven tread wear and also front end parts are likely to wear out prematurely.

  • Checking to make sure your valves and valve caps are in good condition.

This goes a long way to maintain an airtight seal, ensure long tire life and maintain a correct tire pressure. The valve cap is an important component which helps to keep out dust and dirt particles from the tire. It’s the only primary air seal. Valves and their various components are all made of rubber so therefore they are subjected to perversion over a span. A deteriorated and fractured or cracked rubber valve stem bends from diffusive force and allows air loss in high speed cases. Based on this, it is advisable to replace them when you buy new tires since it’s an inexpensive way to protect your tires, vehicle and yourself as a whole.


According to Kobina Amoo,  Managing Director of Carmudi Ghana, “If you live in a country such as Ghana where the nature of our roads cause rapid wear and tear of vehicular tires, you might want to consider doing this at shorter intervals”. Car tire maintenance can be done without following any strict order or sequence but rather guidelines. These guidelines dictates how each routine check should be done in order to achieve great results in maintaining automobile car tires.


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