"I Have No Reason To Convert to Islam" – Emmanuel Emenike

Emmanuel EmenikeNigerian striker has dismissed claimed that he has converted to Islam from Christianity.

News about his supposed conversion had been circulating on social media since Sunday but the Fernabarche star says the rumours are untrue.

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Emmanuel Emenike was missing at the team’s breakfast on Saturday. His coach, Vitor Pereira inquired of his whereabouts but the player told him “I’m fasting,” (coincidentally within the Muslim Ramadan fasting period).

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The former Spartak Moscow hit man said in an interview that he is baffled by the leaking of his personal life to the media.

“The report that I am now a Muslim is absolute rubbish and false. I want the source of the news to re-address it. I have no reason to convert to Islam even though I have lots of Muslim friends. Is there any big deal observing fasting during the (Muslim) fasting period?” he asked rhetorically.

“I am very disappointed seeing the news going viral because it is something I told my coach in our conversation when he asked me a question and never said I have become a Muslim. Fasting is not what everybody should know that you are doing and it’s very sad seeing this in the media.”

Emmanuel Emenike added that he is and remains a Christian.

“I am Catholic, a strong one for that matter, and I came from Christian home. I don’t discriminate against anybody and I believe we are all equal in the presence of God, so what is the big deal in fasting? he said.

“Does he know how many time I fast to get closer to God before the fasting periods? It’s really sad because I don’t see it as a big deal,” he added.


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