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Ministry of Health To Launch Investigations Into Missing Diabetes Cash Saga

EuroGhana’s Ministry of Health has denied the country has received a cash amount of $40 million from the World Diabetes Foundation for the purpose of  undertaking a five-year national diabetes programme in 2009 at the National Diabetes Management and Research Centre, at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

According to a press statement issued by the Ministry on Thursday, checks have began on the matter to ensure that a proper investigation in conducted into the issue.

A media publication on Monday stated that an amount of $40million meant for a diabetes program had been misappropriated.

Read the full statement below:

The Ministry of Health has been in touch with the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), and is continuing its checks on the matter to ensure that a proper investigation is conducted into the issue. We will ensure that the National Diabetes Programme and Ghana do not suffer because of acts of omission or commission on the part of any individuals or organizations involved in this matter.

So far, the following facts have been established:

1. $40 million has not been transferred by World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) to Ghana or any Ghanaian organization.

2. Sometime in 2009, the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) provided a grant of $1,773,015 to the National Diabetes Management and Research Centre at the Korle–Bu Teaching Hospital for a Project called the National Diabetes Programme in Ghana, with a view to Ghana improving prevention and care for diabetics.

3. Funding was to be provided in tranches, benchmarked against certain milestones. The funds were to be used mainly for training of health personnel, whiles Ghana’s IN KIND contribution of staff costs, equipment and health facilities usage costs added up to a project total of a little over $40 million.

4. The World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) has occasionally sent its officials to Ghana to review the programme. In 2012, a visit to the programme resulted in some revisions. The latest visit was carried out in June 2015, and a preliminary assessment of the reviewer was that there had been non-compliance on certain aspects of the programme and continuous delay of the jointly agreed project milestone.

5. A letter issued to the director of the Ghana Diabetes Progamme further stated that “while awaiting a final decision by the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) Board of Directors, the local project account shall be frozen and all planned activities be suspended immediately”.

6. As stated earlier, the Ministry of Health is working with the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), the Ghana Diabetes Association, the National Diabetes Management and Research Centre and all other stakeholders to make sure that all funds received are fully accounted for. We shall involve the necessary state institutions if any criminal issues are uncovered.

7. We urge the public and other stakeholders to remain calm whilst the ministry carries out its investigation.

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