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No New Radio Stations; NCA Suspends Issuance of New Frequencies

NCA National Communication AuthorityThe National Communications Authority (NCA) has temporarily suspended the issuance of frequencies to prospective applicants who want to operate radio stations.

The move is to enable the Authority to complete the re-classification of the coverage of radio stations in order to curb the frequent interferences of some radio stations’ transmissions into others.

The Principal Manager in charge of engineering at the NCA, Mr. Edmund Yerenkyi Fianko, made this known to the Ghana News Agency at the sidelines of a workshop on broadcasting dialogue, in Takoradi, on Tuesday.

The event brought together radio station operators in the Western and Central regions to deliberate on changes introduced in the governance of the broadcasting industry to ensure the total compliance by all stakeholders.

He said the new coverage areas of commercial, public, community and campus radio stations should be within the range of 25kilometres to 45 kilometres radius, and warned that any operator who flouts the directives would be fined or face outright closure.

“Previously FM stations’ transmission is about 100 kilometres radius, but now, the re-classification of the frequencies allow each station to operate within a certain limit to avoid disruption of transmissions, and also give new frequencies to new areas that need them” he explained.

Mr. Fianko said currently, there were 390 FM stations with Western Region topping the pack with 67 stations.

He entreated FM stations whose operating licenses were due for expiration to renew them on time to avoid any sanctions, saying that 24 of the FM stations in the Region’s licenses were due to expire this year.

He said, Ghana is a signatory to the 1984 and 2006 Geneva Agreements of the International Telecommunications Union conferences, therefore, the country must comply with regulations governing radio transmissions.



Source: Graphic Online

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