‘Dumsor Vigil’ Is A ‘Dumb Idea’– Bulldog

Bull DogThe Founder of Bull Haus entertainment, Bull Dog  has described the decision by some of his colleagues in the entertainment industry to embark on a vigil against the ongoing power crisis as a “dumb idea”

Though he believes the “power rationing issue is a genuine one plaguing the nation”,he asserted that his colleagues had “missed the point” by deciding to join the fray.“I say kudos to the political strategist who conceived this dumb idea, and to my colleagues who bought into the idea, I say its sad. It’s a hypocritical approach to a dire national issue, but hey, what do I know! In politics morals don’t come to play,” said the manager of dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

The vigil which is being championed by award winning actress Yvonne Nelson and other entertainment icons aims to pressurise government to resolve the three-year-old  crisis.

However Bulldog, who believes his colleagues are being exploited by some politicians to promote their interests expressed his misgivings about the development, saying“entertainers have failed to exhibit seriousness in their enterprise and have been taken for granted for a long time and going on a vigil wont change the perception about them”

He therefore advised his colleagues deeply involved in the upcoming event to rather apply their quest for  the right things to be done in the entertainment industry.

“As entertainers If we are rooting for the right things to be done, we must first apply it in our illustrious circles. By mounting incessant pressure on our arts ministry, even if we have one, to set up proper and potent structures/Yes indeed, constant flow of power is imperative to run our diseased industry, but it’s a quarter of our humongous.”

He acknowledged that though Nigeria had the worse energy crisis in the world, Ghana can not compare its art industry to theirs.

“We need power as a people to run a profitable economy, but its a our national duty and responsibility to preserve it.”




Source: citifmonline.com

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