Tickets For Mayweather-Pacquiao Bout Finally Out

pacquio vs. MayweatherAt last it’s on. Not only the Fight of the Century but the sale of tickets for Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao.

The desert storm in a box office which some thought might pull the plug on the richest fight of all time has blown over.

Those priceless tickets went on sale at 8pm yesterday after weeks of wrangling and accusations between Mayweather Promotions and Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum.

The issues over the number of tickets, credentials and hotel rooms to be made available to each camp have all been resolved.

Majority of the 16,500 tickets were always destined to be parcelled up between the two promoters, the two cable networks sharing the pay-per-view broadcast and the MGM hotel group for their clients and high rollers.

Only a token 1,000 seats are going on public sale, at between $1,500 (£1,000) and $7,500 (£5,000) each.

But none for the super-ringside tickets costing $10,000 (£6,600). There are reports that those seats will exchanged hands on ‘the alternative market’ for upwards of $200,000 (£133,000)

As many as 50,000 tickets are available to watch the fight at various MGM properties via closed-circuit television. Priced at $150 (£100), they went on sale at 11pm last night. — PA

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