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Policeman Ordered To Undergo Counseling After Posing For a Picture With Snoop Dogg

snoop-with-copA state Policemen in the US has been reprimanded for posing for a photo with famous Rapper Snoop Dogg at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, because the rapper has several convictions for drug possession.

According to a report in the Haffington Post, Billy Spears was keeping guard at the March event when Snoop Dogg asked to take a picture with him.

The artist posted the image to Instagram with the comment, “Me n my deputy dogg.”

Department of Public Safety and Transportation officials saw the posting and cited Spears for deficiencies that require counseling by a supervisor.

Spears’ attorney says his client didn’t know about the rapper’s criminal record. Spears can’t appeal the citation because it isn’t a formal disciplinary action.

A department spokesman says the agency doesn’t discuss or release specifics of personnel issues unless they result in disciplinary action.


Source: CCTV-Africa

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