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Bisa Kdei Replies Socrate Safo

bisa-socrateBisa Kdei has finally spoken about his ‘ungratefulness’ as labelled him by Socrates Sarfo, a Movie Producer. Last Sunday, Bisa Kdei and Blogger, Bossu Kule were on Pluzz 89.9 FM for his album review and to promote the current music video which features Paa Quesi titled Atomesu.

The album which was released in 2012 titled ‘Thanksgiving’ was reviewed by Samuel Baah of Flex Newspaper on Pluzz FM at around 4-5pm and according to Bossu Kule “Socrate Safo hopped in and started accusing Bisa Kdei of being ungrateful to movie producers ever since he drunk the drug of fame.”

He further details “We were all amazed by how the accusations were coming and as respectful as Bisa Kdei is, he had no option than to explain himself in a very respectful way. According to Bisa, he doesnt know why Socrate is putting false blames on him because he has never and will never be ungrateful to anyone who supported him when he was MR NOBODY.

The accusation didn’t end there and after the show, they (Bisa Kdei and Socrate Safo) shook hands as if nothing happened on air.

Samuel Baah later on told Socrate and Bisa Kdei to be on his morning show segment the next day which was Monday but for some reasons, Bisa and Socrate couldn’t continue their saga with Sammy but moved to another radio station in Accra, Hitz FM.”

According to Socrate,

“if someone has promoted you and you are thanking the fans and not the producer, isn’t that ungratefulness? They always look down on producers, actors look down on producers, everybody looks down on producers but when they are in dire need then they will be on producers.”

The outspoken producer also recounted Bisa Kdie’s tough journey to fame.

He said, “Was it not ‘Azonto Ghost’ that made him popular? It took a film producer Mustafa Adam to be promoting the song, paying the payola and after that Bisa took all the glory he played everywhere and took the money and he couldn’t even say thank you.”

“He played shows and took money for it and after making the name, when you call him to do a song for you, he’ll tell you he won’t do it and start quoting outrageous figures even more than production cost,” the movie producer added.

Asked if the film producers had a contract with Bisa that binds him to perform the songs for the music videos and to pay a percentage of the hit songs to the producers, Socrates said,

“I called you to work for me and why did he even charge me? It wasn’t for free and after doing it who then does it belong to? It’s for me that is why you took the money and the purpose of the song is my movie so if you want to use it for other purposes, then we have to negotiate.”

“Where were those fans when you were roaming and begging for your songs you recorded to be played. Songs that no one had heard before. It was only when the producer paid monies for some of those songs to be played before you even came to the lime light? Nobody knew you, where were those fans,” he added.

At exactly 12 pm today, Bisa Kdei received a call from Anita on Love FM Kumasi, regarding the case he is facing with Socrate.

The phone interview was very brief but detailed.

Bisa Kdei replies Socrate Safo below…

Have you heard the issue circulating between you and Socrate Safo? And how did it all start?

Yes i am aware. Truth is, I was on one of the radio stations trying to promote my new video titled ATOMESU and also to review my album I released in 2012, and while we were reviewing the album, Socrate hopped in and said that am not appreciating what the producers have done for me. Its never true because the main reason why I even did the Thanksgiving album is to thank all those who supported my career, and this includes all the movie producers i worked with. Socrate Safo knew all that so he told me the album launch organized for them is not enough to show my appreciation.

Another thing is, on the day of my album launch, i officially invited all the movie producers ive worked with to come around but just a few number turned up but that didnt stop the appreciation i wanted to give them so with the few number who were present, i acknowledged them for what they did for me.

How is your relationship with Socrate Safo?

Socrate is one of the producers Ive used his studio several times to work for other producers but Socrate and I have never worked.

Do you do free movie sound tracks for producers?

It isnt free as in free but the price i take to record a song is even more than what i take from these producers so in other words, i can say its for free – and i am saying this because, for me to write a movie sound track, record the song in my own studio, master it and make all the final amendments, then i think if we should call a spade a spade, I am giving them free services.

Do you go begging movie producers to record a sound track for them?

Socrate said my songs never helped the movie producers. That I came begging them for a song.

Its not true, i have a studio so i record for them myself. I don’t beg them and because of the good work ive been doing, they come all the time.

A.A is the movie producer behind my success. If Socrate Safo is saying i am being ungrateful then some of these movie producers are being ungrateful to me as well since they used my song to sell their movie without giving me any royalty. We know but we kept quiet because we do what we are doing for the love and passion we have for it, not always about the mone

Do you now charge them huge amounts?

Well, Bisa Kdei is a brand now and if you are behind TV and all you hear all the time is Bisa, Bisa, Bisa, then obviously you are going to get bored so what i do is, i tell them i can write the song for them with no cost, so that they let someone work on it and come out as well. All i am I am trying to do is to create an opportunity for another potentially talented person who happens to be underground. My fans are even going to get angry and bored to be seeing Bisa Kdei do a song for just any movie.

Any message for your fans?

I want to tell my fans to ignore anything they hear about me because i am not ungrateful. I appreciate everyone who has a part in my success and all what Socrate is doing is an attempt to defame my brand. He is a liar.


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