2015 WASSCE Questions Leak on Social Media 48-Hours To Exams

waec questionsBarely 48 hours to the start of the 2015 West African Senior School Certificate Examination, photos of some question papers have begun circulating on social media, raising questions about the credibility of the exams.
The exams which start of Monday with Integrated Science and followed by Social Studies the next day will be taken by an estimated 268,771 final year SHS students in Ghana.
Consistently over the last few years, WAEC examinations have been bitterly plagued with various forms of examination malpractices from simple to very sophisticated activities involving as many people as imaginable people including top school officials.
Over the period, the supposed interventions by the West African examination body and the Ministry of Education seem to have failed to address the challenge of malpractices which has apparently become very common unlike in times past.

RELATED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwioPz4wSXk&feature=youtu.be
In 2013, 233 Live News reported the leakage of the April/May WASSCE examination questions with its corresponding answers few hours before the official start of the exams. Some students revealed that they managed to sneak mobile phones into the examination hall to facilitate communication with teachers and other colleagues outside.
The practice, although frowned upon and deemed unaccepted by WAEC, is encouraged by some staff of the body who collaborate with school heads and teachers in shady deals to give unfair advantage to students who are willing and able to make financial commitments.

Stay tuned for more. 233 Live News will release some secret tapes of the corrupt practice soon.



waec questions


  1. i need 2015 science past question

  2. are the 2015 inter science papers cancelled???

  3. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that the above photos are not the original wassce papers . Take for instance the science practical for example, all wassce science practical papers are paper 3 but here incase there’s paper 2 on practical paper.

  4. I just want to ask the waec board and minister of that, how does the questions come out and they show on social media the their colleagues has leak the questions but there is malpractices in examinations.

  5. Why should the paper being cancle because it is very difficult to lean a hole science book.

    • Paa Yaw Gyimah

      if you really didn’t want your paper to be CANCELLED , you would have learnt for the exam and relied on your GOD and if you found it hard to LEARN a WHOLE science book, you would rely on what you have learnt and feel good about writing your own paper.

  6. the paper should be cancelled especially science

  7. Nana Kojo Mensah.

    This questions are fake why didnt they open it thats the only way I will believe it..

  8. Are officials of WAEC trying to say that the paper code in the photos of the alleged leaked questions correspond to that of the original papers?PLEASE WAEC consider all these factors before thinking of canceling the papers….

  9. Please WAEC officials have human feelings we are your childrenoooooooooo

  10. no wonder ‘ghana’ she would never climb up,bribbery is her hereditary.

  11. this year’s wassce contains lots of mistakes.
    the int-science practical for instance, how can one react ammonia to produce ammonia???? again, the voltmeter given had uneven intervals… and this is supposed to be an international exam… oh Africa !

  12. This is not truth

  13. How can the pappers leak with out the knowledge of waec officers . They are behind all this malpractice yes

  14. Corrupt waec officials are behind all this malpractices because the pappers cannot leak without through waec office.bribery and corruption is going on in waec office.yes

  15. Alfred Ofori Arthur

    instance let take the science
    practical for example, all
    wassce science practical
    papers are paper 3 but
    here incase there’s paper 2
    on practical paper this means
    that questions on this site is
    true. please send me more of
    leak questions from 2015 to 2016
    I like your website

  16. Hmm waec,that your science practical dieee abaa…plz do something

  17. Waec always makes mistakes in the Core English paper. Take question 28 for example, the underlined words should not have included the word ‘have’. Waec, why don’t you take your time to set the questions properly? It’s English, for God’s sake!

  18. hard working share me ur experience and skills

  19. the linkeged of the pappers in the media might be done by waec official bcse in corupt country

  20. Is the governmemt paper 1 and2 2015 wassce canceld? if yes why?

  21. is 2015 core mathematics cancelled?

  22. is the core maths cancelled

  23. please,I am a very poor to buy the B.E.C.E 2015 papers JHS. please can you send them to me.

  24. Paa Yaw Gyimah

    big ups to the schools that weren’t involved especially Wesley Girls’ high School cape coast. They always stand out. God bless them. No wonder they own the A’s.

  25. are the 2015 inter.science cancelled

  26. i salute you pls help us in the deprive area


  28. hello guys am so happy today…to whom it may concern
    i just checked and upgraded my 2015/2016 waec result with the hep of Dr.kings a legit waec official
    thank u sir for helping me bcus i wanna take post utme with the result
    for those who may need is assistance u can contact him on 07052944582

  29. We are the up coming 2016….Please do favor to us

  30. I needs 2015 private maths and chemistry questions!

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