VIDEO: Shatta Wale 'Flops Big Time' at GN Bank Awards

Bandana-Shatta-WaleThe debate over whether Shatta Wale could perform with a live band or not at the GN Bank award was sealed when the dancehall artiste put up an abysmal performance on the night.
The GN Bank Award scheme designed to award and celebrate individuals and organizations that have contributed as well as those that continue to excel in their respective fields towards the development of the Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment industry came off at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday March 21, 2015 with super performances from Obaapa Christy, Joyce Blessing, Wiyaala Noella, Amakye Dede, Efya and Raquel.
Prior to the event, there were reports that dancehall artiste Shatta Wale would perform with a live band. While some opined he could, others thought otherwise. Many had argued that performing with a live band was not the news but his ability to deliver. Shatta Wale himself took to social media platforms and fan to flame assurances to prove critics wrong.
On the night, Obaapa Christy was just superb; Joyce Blessing really wowed the audience with her performance (my best performer); spirited Wiyaala was on top of her game; Efya nailed it; Raquel did well just that her choice of songs was not the best; Abrantie Amakye Dede exhibited the legend in him.
The last act – Shatta Wale’s performance leaves much to be desired: his breath control was bad, microphone technique was poor, he kept on shouting instead of projecting, and he was heard saying “hold on hold on” on several occasions to stop the band (as if he was performing with his DJ).
After his first performance, almost everyone in the auditorium had left, but for a handful of youth who were enjoying themselves in front of the stage. Obviously, they were lovers of Shatta Wale. My question is: If it were an underground artiste performing that poorly, would those youth have stood there and watched? Assuming it was the ‘serious’ Amakye Dede performing at that time, would the people had left? (That is if you are thinking they left because all awards had been presented as at the time of his performance). If Shatta’s performance was appealing, wouldn’t they have watched to the end? I do not know the reason why the organizers decided to let him perform after all the awards had been presented; but I think it was a good decision.

The show would have sunk with such a performance.

Surprisingly, Shatta Wale in the middle of his performance made a statement that people doubted he could perform with a live band but there he was performing. At this juncture I asked myself: is it just about performing or performing and getting it right? Why will he make such a statement? His duty was to perform and leave the audience to do the talking for him after his “awesome” performance.
Shatta Wale is an asset. If he works on his stage craft, breath control, microphone technique and the likes, it would help build his musical career. If he had not made a whole lot of noise that he could perform with a live band and put his enemies to shame, people would have commended him for the effort after that performance. He raised expectations but failed to shine. He flopped big time.


By: Albert Benefo Buabeng

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