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Rey Mysterio and Other Wrestlers Being Investigated For Manslaughter Over Perro Aguayo Jr.’s Death

Rey MysterioThe tragic passing of El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo, AAA wrestler shocked the wrestling world earlier today. In an earlier update by the Inquisitr, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Aguayo passed away from cervical spine trauma when the ring ropes snapped his neck. Rey Mysterio was setting up for his patented “619” move when Aguayo’s neck hit the ropes, thus leading to his death. Here is the video of the full match:

They believe his neck snapped when Mysterio hit the head-scissors that sent Perro to the outside. The other instance, when Aguayo took the dropkick onto the ring ropes, is a possible answer to how his neck snapped. Some believe that is was Rey Mysterio who caused the injury to Aguayo Whether, but whether that is true or not, nothing can be pinned on Mysterio at this time.

Since the last update, a huge development has occurred in the Aguayo incident. According to, El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo’s death will be investigated for possible manslaughter. Hijo Del Santo had this to say about the tragedy.

“It makes me very sad because he was a professional colleague and I have great affection for his father. I think the fans in Japan, the U.S. and Mexico of course, where he was very popular, must be in mourning, especially because of his youth. He had much ahead of him.”

Del Santo was not the only one to comment on it. Rey Mysterio, who is being accused by some in the Internet Wrestling Community of killing Aguayo, took to Twitter to express his feelings.



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