#TEDxAccra2015 Speakers: Audrey Forson Profiled

Audrey Forson

I am a furniture designer and I manage a family owned business called Tekura which makes handcrafted furniture and décor for homes and other interiors. I work with local artisans to carefully design and create unique pieces that are inspired by African art and culture.

Tekura was started in 2000 by my mother who quit her job at Aid to Artisans Ghana after 6 years. It was created from “Takyi” and “Kurankyewa”, the Ghanaian names given to my parents at birth. It started out typically as an export company for handicraft and has over the years evovled into a design company that provides accent furniture and décor for homes and other interiors for both the local and export markets ( US, Europe, Africa).

Tekura has a well-equipped workshop with about 15 artisans in Adenta, a gallery (Adenta) and a retail store (Osu).

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