FDA Bans Kwame Dzokoto From Advertizing Alcoholic Beverages

Kwame DzokotoPopular Ghanaian actor cum radio/TV host, Seth Kwame Dzokoto has been banned from featuring in an TV or Radio commercial promoting alcoholic beverages.

The ban, imposed by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is to protect fans of the famous ‘Edziban’ TV show host who are usually teens from consuming the products which may be detrimental to them.

In a radio interview with Sammy Flex on Pluzz FM on the content of TV recent commercials, Kwame Dzokoto revealed that;

I have been banned by the Food and Drugs Board from doing any liquor advertisement

According to him, that accounted for his long absence in most of the recent TV commercials. The Food and Drugs Authority is said to have banned the actor because majority of his fans were kids and by doing more commercials of alcoholic beverages, it may have negative effects on them.

They say I have kids who are my followers and I will teach kids how to drink and because of that they should seize me out of job’.

‘I wanted to test the law but errm.. I also… for sure its a positive thing but then …I think I don’t like this litigation thing so I decided to let it go,’ Kwame noted.

Kwame Dzokoto is the voice behind most of the recent radio and television commercials, advertising various products and movies in the country. The commercials are always in Fante and in the case of movies, narrates the plot of the movies, painting a vivid picture of it and end by urging listeners to go and find the “Veee Ceee Deee” (VCD).


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