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Miles And Lu To Bid Rhythm City Farewell

MilesLu 600x400After seven years at the forefront of Rhythm City, Peter Se-Puma and KB Motsilanyane will close the curtain on the show. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.

Miles (played by Peter Se-Puma) and Lucilla (KB Motsilanyane) have had their ups and downs as a married and then divorced couple. Most recently, Miles took the rap for Lu after she killed her nephew, Lesedi. But now Lucilla is in jail and Miles and his new wife, Victoria have gone on a much-deserved holiday.

As such, Miles and Lucilla bid farewell to the soapie that they joined in 2007. Their last appearance on screen was on Friday.

Monde Twala, Managing Director for Channels Division, wished them well. He said: “The two actors have played key roles in the youth soapie since its inception in 2007. The character changes are part of our ongoing story development aimed at refreshing the soapie.  Both the actors’ storylines are open ended. We thank KB and Peter for their commitment and passion over the past seven years. We wish them success in their future endeavours.”




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