#TEDxAccra2015 Speakers: Eric Ofori Kwaa Profiled

Ofori Eric KwaahEric Ofori Kwaah is a social entrepreneur and a business leader. He has taken a leading role promoting “Social Media” and an “Online Platform For Connecting Students in an Educative, Fun And Entertaining Way” in his country Ghana and then expand it to cover some West African Nations and the World which seeks to create a marketing platform for all businesses whose target market are students and also an effective medium for fast and reliable communication on campus. Blessed with the ability of working to make dreams come true.

Eric believes Africa has what it takes to develop and improve the lives of its citizenry. Likes to travel around the world and learn from other cultures, enjoy reading and learning extensively from others. Believes in Team work, Justice and Dedication. Have mad love for Humanitarian works and Kids.


Eric’s favourite quotes:

  1. I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you I Didn’t Give Up”
  2. You can’t learn to fly without crushing a few times, so let the Heavens be your limit and not Skies, since the Skies will serve as your spring board.


Reach Eric on Social Media via:

Facebook: Ofori Eric Kwaah

Twitter: Citizen_Ofori

Website: www.liveoncampusgh.com

Email: o.eric@liveoncampusgh.com

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TEDxAccra 2015 comes off on Saturday 11th April, 2015 at the National Theatre in Accra.

Get to meet and network with Eric Kwaah. Register to attend TEDxAccra 2015 here: www.tedxaccra.org

Follow the talks, leave your questions for Eric Kwaah via the following media and have him answer them live.


Twitter: @tedxaccra2015             Hashtag: #tedxaccra2015 

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