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Pornography: The X-Rated Path of Destruction (Pt. 2)

PornPorn Robs the Missions FieldMissionary trainer Nik Ripken told CBN News so many young Christian men are now addicted, they can’t be trusted to go on the mission field.

“Ninety to 95 percent of them are trapped in pornography,” he asserted. “They got started 11, 12, 13 years of age. They can’t get out of it.”

And you can see it in the numbers: The current ratio is seven female missionaries for every male.

“No one can take them. They’re out of the game,” Ripken said of these young addicts. “And we’re going to stand before God as Westerners, as men, and say, ‘Two billion people can die and go to hell so I can watch naked women on the Internet.'”

But men aren’t the only ones hooked. That’s what former addict Crystal Renaud of Dirty Girl Ministries pointed out at the same conference on sexual exploitation, where former porn star “Naideen” testified.

“One in 3 visitors to adult websites are women,” Renaud told conference-goers during a speech.

“I want to show you what a porn addict can also look like,” Renaud said as she presented a slide of a happy little girl on a big screen behind her.

“This is me at 10. Just a few months before I would find my brother’s stash of porn in his bathroom that would catapult me into an eight-year addiction with pornography and sexual addiction,” she revealed.

‘Drawn in by the Droves’

“Even with the actual visual pornography women are being drawn into it by the droves. And I hate to say that, but I also teach a human sexuality class and I have them coming to me,” counselor Mewborn told CBN News.

“These are now women who were raised with screens in front of them,” Mewborn said of the young females confessing to her. “And I honestly think women in general are becoming more visually stimulated.”

Renaud testified how the X-rated material can carry people into darker and riskier places.

“My addiction cycle escalated so dramatically that things that once satisfied could no longer satisfy,” she admitted. “And for women who struggle with porn, it is said that 80 percent of them will escalate their behaviors into in-person encounters. Porn leads to real life.”

Sometimes it even leads to criminal behavior.

“I know of educators reviewing pornography in their classrooms,” First Baptist’s Conrad said. “I know of educators that are simply taking advantage of children.”

The Anti-Social Side of Porn

Psychotherapist Mary Anne Layden told the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation summit that in her research she sees a consistent link between those who consume porn and those who commit sexual violence.

“It took me about 10 years of treating sexual violence victims before I realized I hadn’t treated one case of sexual violence that didn’t involve pornography,” she said.

And she spoke of a frightening study she did tracking college males who used more pornography from freshman to senior year.

“Those males who had increasing pornography use, in their senior year had higher scores as psychopaths,” she revealed. “We’re teaching our males to be psychopaths. That’s what pornography is doing for us.”

She also shared at the conference recent research on the behavior of many porn consumers:

• They have more sex partners
• Are less attracted to their partners
• Want less sex with them
• Try to get them to act out scenes from porn films
• Have affairs if they’re married
• Go to prostitutes.

Some men justify the reason they’re such lustful creatures is that’s just who men are.

But Pastor Dennis is having none of that.

“When a man says to me, ‘Look, I can’t help this,’ that is absolutely going against everything that Jesus has taught us,” he told CBN News. “They can help it. They can choose against this.”

Why Do You Hide It?

Greg Dyer said they know in their hearts they’re wrong.

“Why do you hide it from your wife?” he asked. “Why do you hide it from God? Why do you hide it in your house from your kids? Because you know it’s not right. And all pornography does is just make women sex objects.”

“Naideen” blames the consumers of porn for what happens to women like her.

“They don’t know about the degradation that happens inside of you, the tearing at your soul, the ripping out of your heart when you get filmed like that,” she said.

“And then to know there are people—mostly men, but women, too—who are gawking and staring and eyeing everything. It’s just … ,” she paused as she began to cry. “I can’t go there in my head.”

Dennis said viewers can change all this—and they can start by imitating the godly man Job.

“In Job 31:1, he said, ‘I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.’ If he needed to do that, than I certainly need to do that,” Dennis asserted. “And every Christian man needs to do that.”

He pointed out that Jesus Christ died on the cross to set men free, “so that we wouldn’t have to be the way we are, that we could change, that we wouldn’t have to give in to our sinful natures,” he said.

Some declare they cannot live without pornography. But Dennis is quick to assert that just isn’t so. The truth is no one in history has ever died from a lack of pornography.


Source: CharismaNews

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