DOWNLOAD: Nov/Dec 2015 Timetable

WAECTimetable for the 2015 November/December Private West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is now available for download.

Candidates can download the full timetable by clicking here.

The private West African Secondary School Certificate Examination starts on Friday 14th August, 2015 and ends on Thursday, 8th October 2015.



INDEX NUMBERS and exact CENTRES DATE and TIME of examinations will be released between July and August.




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  1. It is not easy getting the time table for Nov./DEC 2015 . why ?

  2. It is not easy getting the time table for Nov./DEC 2015. why ?

  3. when private wassce 2015 will commence

  4. i just want the centres and time table for chemistry physics core maths and english.

  5. With any information about 2015 nov/dec,pls let me know.

  6. When will the registration penasty starts

  7. mustapha lssahaka

    about our index numbers

  8. when is the Nov/Dec time table coming out

  9. do we have to go through struggles and difficulties in downloading the time table? The authorities in charge must work around the clock to turn this so that students can have their timetables

  10. I can’t get access to the novdec 2015 time table why

  11. When is the index number and exam centre be release?

  12. pls I want to centre of the French

  13. final time table ?

  14. why can’t I download the novdec time table

  15. why can’t I download the novdec times table

  16. it looks as if comments made on this site are taken as joke. pls can we see the time table for nov/dec 2015?

  17. when the government waec is going to take place

  18. On the examination day how do locate my index number?

  19. it too difficult downloading the time table why please

  20. Bernice Asiedu kyerewaa

    why can’t I download the Nov DEC time table?

  21. amidu zakaria abdul-ganiu

    I just want de time table of Nov/DEC 2015

  22. Bernice Etornam

    pls I will like to know the time table for maths gov’ t English science and lit in English

  23. Please when the index number are out notify me

  24. Please when the index number are out notify me. Please i want the time table for elective biology

  25. vida Asiedua Genevieve

    Please can we register for the Nov Dec in wace

  26. pls make it available the timetable for Nov/Dec 2015
    it is not easy to download it

  27. Francisca Awuah Frimpomaa

    when will the index number will be available. pls

  28. Francisca Awuah Frimpomaa

    will the index number will be available. pls.

    why is it that you find it cumbersome to download the time table

  29. Pls is the 2015 centers in

  30. Will waec reopen for registration? Because some unfortunate university students need to rewrite again.

  31. Muhammed Baldeh

    Hello, can someone register for private Nov/Dec 2015 in the mid of this July.??

  32. Vanessa wemekor

    Is de novdec examination centres out ?????

  33. amidu zakaria abdul-ganiu

    I want to see the time table of 2025

  34. Abrokwah Ernest

    u hav’nt e-mail me the centre am going to write my exams but i choose tema

  35. Please when will novdec time table come?

  36. pls is the exam centres for students out?

  37. i want to know my centers my number (233241318046)

  38. please any info about 2015 novdec examination. please let me know.

  39. pls this please mark the papers for us

  40. Pls time table fr English, Math and Science

  41. please I want to get my index number and centers

  42. Duut Biisom Bashiru

    Please I need your help to have my index number and examination center as well.
    If you could kindly update me the time table too I’ll have appreciate.

    Thank you so much.

  43. when will may/june result 2015 be out

  44. I want the 2015 wassce timetable


    I want to see my index number.

  46. Asante Millicent

    please l want to no the time table of Nov Dec 2015

  47. Plz I want the centres of my papers

  48. Sumani Mahami Barikisu

    when will the index number be out

  49. Amelorhu papa ruben

    I want to see the novdec time tables

  50. I heard that school and private candidates are seating the wassce at the same time

  51. please i cann’t download the timetable why

  52. I find it difficult in downloading the 2015 Nov/DEC time table. why??

  53. I went my index number And centre’s for each subject

  54. I need the timetable for nov/dec 2015 and the centers

  55. please I would like to know the venue, time and date for Mathematics, integrated science and English language. I live at Madina.

  56. Adu Ahenkan Bernard

    when are you going to release the centres

  57. It is difficult to download the time table.

  58. please I want the date and timetable for integrated science, core mathematics, history and economics

  59. please I want the timetable for 2015 nov /dec in integrated science, core,mathematics,economics and history

  60. I want to be clear with my venues for my Nov-Dec 2015

  61. wen is the centres and time table ready

  62. Abraham Sagoe Jnr

    pls how do i get my centres
    Candidate’s Number: 1031510147
    Candidate’s Name: SAGOE ABRAHAM JUNIOR
    Gender: MALE
    Invoice Number and

  63. I can’t download the timetable.pls why?

  64. check my index number and timetables for me. invoice number is F0215111405

  65. give me all my eight centers through my whatsapp number 0245990049

  66. sent me the time table for private pkease

  67. I won’t to see my index

  68. I need my places writing ,my ndex number .post i through my whatsapp line0553043018

  69. hoe can I get my center and what is admission am I going to print in other for them to allow me write my nov dec exams

  70. Gyekye Justice Yaw

    Nice page.plz I need my Examination Centers

  71. Pls gce timetable ooooooooo and date ooooooooooooooooooo jooo=beg

  72. pls how do i get my centres
    Candidate’s Number: 1013504100
    Candidate’s Name: Takyiwaa Doris
    Gender: Female
    Invoice Number and

  73. Can somebody tell me which one is the index number pls. Cos i don’t have it and do we need it during our exams period?

  74. Prosper Gyekuuder

    Please help me with the Nov /December 2015 examination center’s in Tema.

  75. i can’t get my centers for nov dec 2015. please how do i get it.

  76. please I need the time table can’t download it and also my index number and center send me through wasup or text 0506870909

  77. need the time table and index number send through my wasup line or text 0506870909

  78. Ayariga Gifty Ayinsarah

    Please! Why can’t i download the novdec timetable

  79. Iwant to view 2015 nov/dec tt

  80. I wanna cee ma centex

  81. i want to know my centres in koforidua.
    i am writing Elective maths,physics,chemistry and core maths.

  82. I want to see the Nov/Dec centres and index number

  83. please l would like to know if there is any changes in the current time table

  84. give me all my eight centers through my whattsapp number 0244586580 am home economics student


  86. please send me all my centers on my watsapp 0264979174 .1-017-533-065 is my ID NUMBER

  87. Ohenewaa Yeboah Mavis

    pls i wana know the centre or centres i wil b writing my papers.İ hav paper on friday and up til now i dont know where i wil b writing.Pls do me a favour.thnx

  88. Osei Tutu Ohemaa Serwaa

    The time table I downloaded was blank

  89. i want to know my centre and the time table

  90. Please whassap my sister’s centre to her on this line 0246045047

  91. Owusu Kwaku Bernard

    How can l check my index number

  92. Please will like to know if de centers are out ad hw can one get access to it

  93. Please will like to know if de centers are out ad hw can one get access to it

  94. I want to know my exact centres my main centre is tamale

  95. I want to know the centres. I registered in atonsu,kumasi

  96. pls how do i get my examination centres for the novdec papers?

  97. Is the 2015 novdec examination centers in and how can I get mine

  98. how can i check my index number

  99. Please the admission notice is not working, I entered the my invoice but it says is wrong

  100. How can I print my admission notice?

  101. Opoku Eugene Renause

    Please I need my index number and the timetable.

  102. Opoku Eugene Renause

    Please I also want my centres

  103. Please I want to know my centers and when will the GKA practical question paper will be given out …

  104. please I can’t access the novdec 2015 time table

  105. when will the novdec 2015 time table be released

  106. I would like to know my exact centres for the 2015 Novdec examination please.

  107. Would like to know my centres in Tema please.

  108. May i know when the examination centres, date and time will be released.
    The days are getting closer and we are not getting any information.
    please help we are getting worried.

  109. please when will the centers be out and how can check them

  110. when is the center coming out pls?

  111. When will the center come out please ?

  112. Abdulai Abdul Basit

    Please Admission notice do not show up for print

  113. Pls am starting my French 3 (oral) on 28th August 2015 …nd I dnt knw my examination centres. Am at koforidua. my index number 1021504203. Nd my invoice is F0215057861.Acquah Rita
    Pls I need the centres on my fone 0507747858.

  114. I Want To Know The Date That 2015 Nov/dec Exams Centers Will Be Release.

  115. Pls I need timetable for secretariat course Nov/Dec 2015

  116. pls we need our centres ..
    message me wid it 0571093474 or 0573669374

  117. please why is that the 2015 novdec timetable is not in?

  118. Please I have receive a message from waec that I will be having nutrition today while I never registered it.
    and I will like to know the various centers which I will be writing my papers. My INDEX number is

  119. this my invioce number f0215150478

  120. this my invioce number f0215150478 i need the index number and centers for the 2015 wassce Nov/Dec thanks.

  121. please the time table for visual art .thank you

  122. Ambrose Naamwanuru

    I am having problem getting my ward NAAMWANURU EVANS ESGDOR exam centers for the novdec 2015. Iwas able to get his index number and the general timetable. Kindly assist.

  123. pls I av not gotten any timetable but I av my index norba so HW wll I get my timetable and de center pls do well send dem to me on my watsapp line 0240839529and pls this is my index norba1043512234

  124. Please i would like to know whether the index number and center are out

  125. Yussif. A. Rahaman Tiffu

    i want to see the timetable

  126. Please I want to know my index,timetable and center for this novdec examination

  127. please I want to know my centre. am writing maths and am in koforidua

  128. i want to see the full timetable för 2015 nov/dec wassce.
    hope to heat from you soon. thank you

  129. the time table Doe’s not come when it is downloaded.

  130. Pls i nid dis urgently my centers nd my index help me contact 0503534294

  131. Pls,i need the centers of my papers.

  132. please i want the centers for the papers

  133. Pls I want to know the available centers,that have been open in kano…and when wll u open kano municipal centers,like gwale,and warurai..

  134. plz i need the centres

  135. pls when are they releasing the centers

  136. I want to see my index number for 2015 Nov dec

  137. please am from obuasi, i want to know my index number and center.

  138. Plz help us review dis timetable bcos yoruba is nt included.


    pls, send my sister’s centre/centres number(s) through my email address.Her name is Naawineyong Felicia with index number-1056511012 as KUMASI-KWADASO CENTRE.


    i want my examination centres

  141. please send me all y center on my watsapp 0242227801

  142. i can get my center for nov dec 2015 how do i get it

  143. please when will the centers be out ….?
    and how do I check it..

  144. Please I need the centers for NOV/ DEC weac

  145. I can’t access my index number with my invoice number and email address for my exam centers

  146. please akanyawei josseph is my name. the mobile i used for the registration is not active so please if you can send my centers through my new mobile number through watsAPP OR Sms i will be very glad.My index number is F0215004395

  147. I want to known the various centers for my papers

  148. I want to know my centres that I will be writing my papers.

  149. i have de same problem too…….

  150. I can’t download using my tab… It reverses all the time I try

  151. pls I would like to know my Novdec invoice:F0215118618

  152. pls i can’t print my centers nd de time table for 2015. pls txt it to me on whtsup or by text
    on dis number. 0554522415

  153. Alidu Sherif-deen

    How do I check for my centre for 2015 nov/dec examination?

  154. Please Kindly Text My Admission Notice To Me On 0209167099,My Invoice Is F0215097419,thankYou,

  155. danful sylvester

    the timetable for nov/dec

  156. Pls how do i get to know my exam centre

  157. How is it possible when the exam begins on 14th of August n up till now,the centres are not out?

  158. please I can’t ACCESS my index number, my invoice is f0215074413

  159. I will like to thank you for the good service providing for the general public. I sincerely appreciate your hard work in providing essential services to me and my friends. May God bless you for this fantastic service. May you receive an extremely abundance strength, protection and industrious energy, with unlimited blessing. You are bless

  160. Am writing two papper a day, which is Ani. Husbandry and chemistry practical on 16 sep. 2015 at KTI, AMAKOM and OPOKU WARE , SANTASI. But i dont know the actual time so please send me soon if not it will affect me in some ways

  161. i want download the timetable

  162. I want to know the time and date for management in living practicals and CRS

  163. Please I want to see my index number F0215147471

  164. Douglas Awuku-Agbodza

    Plz kindly help me with my centers and the pepper’s and the Date also

  165. Douglas Awuku-Agbodza

    Plz kindly help me with my centers and the pepper’s and the Date also plz u can send it through my WhatsApp line 0207168988

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