Support The "Youth Impact Fund" For Young Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Youth Impact WorkshopIn the last two years, the Youth Impact Workshop has played a leading role in promoting social innovation in Ghana. During the course of this period, YIW has successfully organized four workshops that have equipped more than one hundred-fifty young people with skills in designing, prototyping, and implementing creative projects within their schools and communities at no cost to them.



Our network consists of past participants carefully drawn from both urban and rural communities representing six of the ten regions in Ghana. At the workshop, individuals develop solid hands-on skills in design by identifying needs, and working in teams to suggest effective solutions. During the workshop, participants are given the opportunity to meet various social entrepreneurs and civil society leaders in Ghana.

Beyond the workshop, our model is constructed in a manner that provides project support, mentorship and several capacity building programs to our alumnus. In a youthful country, capacity building is critical in getting young people involved in their communities and to think differently about their role in the society. In doing this, we hope to bridge the skills gap created by a weak education system.

The Youth Impact Workshop team is dedicated to raising funds to help us reach more young people with our programs. With this said, we are setting up the Youth Impact Fund to support our upcoming programs and youth-led social ventures in Ghana. With your help, we can successfully organize two workshops outside our current venue in Accra, Ghana. This will enable us to take the Youth Impact Workshop to other regions of the country and support young people in starting social ventures that will add value to their communities. We believe this fund will help us secure venues, stationeries, food, accommodation and transportation, while helping pay for all costs related to the organization for the next two workshops. The Youth Impact Fund will provide startup capital to help implement projects designed during the course of the workshop and also provide the needed framework for large-scale impact.

Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 by donating on this platform. Together, we can build a critical mass of change agents who would bring lasting solutions to the many challenges within developing economies like Ghana.



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