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The SME HospitalSMEs are Small and Medium Scale Enterprises typically classified by the number of employees they have, the size and reach of their operations and their gross annual revenues. Essentially SMEs are mostly limited liability companies that contribute massively to the growth of many developing and developed economies around the world.


As limited liability companies, SMEs are separate entities from their founders or shareholders and by themselves possess characteristics of humans; as such they can grow, be stunted, be healthy, be ‘sick’, can survive or die. So just like humans visit the hospital for checkups and medical attention when the need arises, so does SMEs need to visit the SME Hospital for regular consultations, checkups, support services, technical assistance, capacity building, needs assessment & solution prescriptions. Equipped with the needed tools, personnel and resources, The SME Hospital is well positioned to offer SMEs the needed assistance and information to ensure their growth, sustainability and globalization.


The Significance of SMEs cannot be overemphasized in any economy. Referred to as the engine of growth of most economies, SMEs contribute significantly to a country’s GDP and overall development. Beyond that…

  • SMEs have been identified as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in Ghana and around the world.
  • SMEs create jobs and extensively reduce unemployment
  • SMEs foster diversification through their development of new and unsaturated sectors of the economy.
  • Innovative and technology-based SMEs can provide a platform for local, regional and international growth.
  • SMEs are key to the region’s entrepreneurial environment needs.


The SME Hospital is an Innovative Business Health Care Facility that provides tailor-made solutions to the challenges of Small & Medium Scale Enterprises including but not limited to the following:

  • Lack of required management skills for sustainable growth & global competitiveness
  • Lack of adequately skilled labour
  • Lack of adequate human capital capacity building & motivation
  • Difficulty in accessing markets and developing lasting & productive relationships with customers.
  • Lack of relevant knowledge and adequate business development support
  • Regulatory incompliance.
  • Lack of Succession Planning & appropriate Leadership
  • The lack of appropriate technology and low production capacity.
  • Difficulty in accessing finance and obtaining sufficient low-interest credit.
  • Recognition by large companies and government bureaucracy.
  • Difficulty in establishing international trade partnerships and so on.


Our concern for the health, sustainability and growth of Small and Medium Sized Businesses is equal to none and as such we put in all the effort to ensure that the needed resources, support, capacity building and information are made consistently available. Knowing the current state of the economy and the daunting challenges SMEs face, most of our support services, training and resources are provided to them at the most ridiculously affordable cost and sometimes completely free. That notwithstanding, The SME Hospital boasts of the very best of consultants and personnel with a combined experience of over 2 decades in SME & People development & management.

The SME Hospital is a non-profit social enterprise project by The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) with a vision to be Africa’s No. 1 SME Support & Resources Destination; providing innovative top-notch but affordable business development services, authentic information and relevant initiatives to ensure the continuous growth, success and global competitiveness of SMEs & African Entrepreneurs.


The SME Hospital Objectives are:


  1. To develop and execute top-notch, relevant & practical capacity building, coaching, research & development programs for SMEs and stakeholders in 6 key areas
  • Business Development & Management
  • Entrepreneur Development & Management
  • Employee Development & Management
  • Customer Development & Management
  • Personal & Career Development & Management
  • NGO & Social Enterprise Development


  1. To develop products that enable SMEs to reduce cost and maximize profits
  2. To assist SMEs build needed structures to guarantee consistent and sustainable growth
  3. To position SMEs to be financially sound, credit worthy & investment to attract the needed financing
  4. To provide SMEs & Entrepreneurs with relevant and needed information and resources locally and globally
  5. To match investment ready SMEs to available investors and funding sources locally & globally
  6. To present resourceful & productive networking platform for SMEs and all stakeholders
  7. To provide affordable and subsidized business services
  8. To ensure the survival, health & growth of SMEs primarily in Ghana and extensively in Africa

Our continental success will not be possible without the collaboration of various stakeholders across Africa and the world at large. As such we welcome all organizations involved with the development of entrepreneurship & SMEs to partner us to support African SMEs & Entrepreneurs to truly be the engine of growth and the key drivers of the economic emancipation of Africa in our pursuit of being a first world continent. #TheSMEHospital



By: Ekow Mensah
CEO, TANOE & The SME Hospital
Location: TANOEhub, 27th Street, Dansoman, Accra, Ghana
Contact: +233-302-325844, +233-261-704882



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